Questions Answered (FAQ)

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Do you take my insurance?

A. No, I am not associated with any insurance carriers, however knowing your insurance coverage is important. You may have a high deductible to meet or plan may not cover counseling. I can help you navigate through, I can provide a receipt of services for tax purposes/submit to insurance for consideration of reimbursement.

In working with clients, do you tend to be more directive or more like a consultant to the client?

A. It is my belief that is individually based and works effectively the clients pace. In addition, I do not find therapy beneficial in regards to sugar coating.

What happens if I cant make an appointment?

A. Policy is 24-hour advance notice for cancelled or rescheduled appointments, full session fee will be billed for less than 24-hour notice.

What happens if I am late?

A. The remaining time will be our session for that day.

What if I start having difficulty between sessions, what are options?

A. I am only in the office for specific days. Since this is the case, I am often not immediately via telephone. To reach me, call (716) 204-5552 ext.430, leave a voicemail in my confidential box and will return your call within 24-48 hours. If you are in immediate crisis you should then contact crisis services or 911.

Are appointment times flexible?

A. Clients do not have permanent time slots. Availability Tuesday - Thursday options (9am-7:45pm).

When you are away, what happens to therapy?

A. In an event that I am away during our scheduled sessions, advanced notice will be given to schedule an appointment prior to be away or upon my return. In addition, an agreed upon clinician located in my office will be available in case of emergency. In case of emergency crisis services and 911 are available for immediate need.

Do sessions start on time?

A. Yes, your time is valuable to me, sessions start on time.

What would I have to do to be ready for the first session?

A. Come to session as you are. During our first sessions, I will be asking questions about what is bringing you in, information about your past and what goal(s) you have for therapy.



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