Medication…. is that my only option?

More can be done to help improve your mood than a prescription for a non-magical pill.


Have you been you been to your primary doctor lately and taken a questionnaire that talks about how you have been feeling lately? This is the primary test that is given to 99% of individuals that then are recommended to seek medication to help their mood.



According to studies conducted by Mental Health America  state some facts that may bring your eye brows to heighten.

  • Estimated 43 million American adults have a known mental health diagnosis
  • 6 of those adults experience suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • A rise in our youths mental health has risen from 5.9% in 2012 to 8.2% in 2015 ( just 3 years) this has certainly increased dramatically to 20% 1 in every 5 children or teen age 13-18. 2018 (NAMI)


With these numbers, I can only conclude that many individuals are just managing

the bad thoughts, the panic in public places, or excessive worry etc. with medication. Right!!



Vulnerability is essential for counseling



Did you know that this is not the only option that you have to help increase your mood? I am sure 100% of you know someone that has been in counseling before and might have had a good or bad experience with it. No doubt I have heard this many many times, I even hear that when people are do get the courage to reach out, they never get a call back…. This is absolutely nuts to me. Making that first phone call in my opinion is the most vulnerable that a client is. So, the most vulnerable is not taking medication it is calling for help from a complete stranger.


That being said it is so important to get to know the counselor you are working with, you really need to gel with him/her very well. Here are a few things you should ask on that initial conversation : what is your counseling style – are you more directive or client directive – what is your initial thought about goals for me- what should I expect from in therapy. These are just a couple sample questions that will give the counselor a chance to open up about what it is going to look like, so you can envision yourself with them. Example if they express they like to provide “homework “to client to work on outside of therapy this is a great way to gage whether this is doable or not for you specifically.


This goes in line with being prescribed medication because the first therapist that calls you back is not the only and best option. Medication is tricky it is common to not find the perfect match for you on the first try. The exact same is going to happen with a therapist sometimes you need to try again and open yourself up to that vulnerability again.


Typically, if you are on medication you should ideally be in some type of therapy to create more coping skills, figuring out those mood swings, find more techniques to manage public places.

Moral of today’s blog is medication is not the ONLY option to help you! Take a chance at change, move outside that comfort zone that we love to be in. I encourage you to take that change with me if you feel this would be beneficial to you.


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