Intentional Self-Care

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”
– Anne Lamott


I would like to start today by being the upfront person and counselor that I strive to be, this is writing is about a month late. Over the last month, I have had to empty the whole toolbox of self-care for myself, and no this was not by choice. For the last month I have beat myself up about not being able to physically get to writing down my thoughts for all of you. I will do better as I am feeling much more myself as of late. That being said I picked this topic because self-care is used loosely and is confusing to most.


Self-care is not just relaxing. It is not just going to get your hair, hand or toes done up. It is not just going somewhere to forget for a minute you are stressed/overwhelmed or maybe even drowning under water. This is the very common misconception to this idea. Think about it how often in one day are you not looking at an electronic device, at work/school surrounded by people, or even at home with your family? I am going to go out on a limb and say hardly ever, do you intentionally separate yourself to ensure you are taking care of.


As you can imagine in our daily lives negative thoughts and feeling can eat a hole in our whole body. If your body and mind have been taking on something like an emotional punching bag, you will certainly need a bit of self care and well-being to move past it. Now, what I was mentioning in the beginning about myself started with physical ailments that led to this very thing – “negative nancy for a month” HAHA I am going to guess again that you might be thinking well if a trained professional can get into this rut and it took her 4 weeks to pull herself back up, how the heck am I going to do it…. don’t worry I GOT YOU.


Mind you remember above when mentioning the “mindless self-care” like getting a message or going out to play golf, I sure as heck tried to have these work for myself too but you guessed right. They didn’t work at all. They were just a distraction for a short period of time.


So what worked… im going to tell you! Gratitude, Gratitude, gratitude… this is what worked this is how to put those negative thoughts and feelings to bed. This is how to tell those really bad things your telling yourself: I am not a good person, I cant do this, I am a horrible friend, I am not good enough, I don’t think I should be here anymore. you get my drift. Gratitude.


Truly taking a few moments, not hours, not days. Just a few moments a day to write down what you are grateful for can be your best shield of self-care. Thinking deeply about you and only you! If its that simple how come it took me so long, because I wasn’t intentionally doing it daily. Making something a priority in your life then our mind has not chance to think of anything else. The space in your mind where you keep negativity is filled with motivation, intentional, happy, driven thoughts about you. Remember a true routine in someone’s life take at least 2-3 weeks to form and because everyone is a different person it may take less or longer.


Think about the struggles/ obstacles you are going through, are you not somewhat happy you are going through them right now?  Tell yourself you are proud person. Fill yourself up with positivity is self-care.



I am grateful for being under the weather for the month, it allowed myself to be grounded.

I am grateful for this platform to write this blog as it allows me to connect with new people.

I am grateful to be the person I am today as I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t go through the obstacles of life.

I am grateful for my body to know when to slow down and take more deep breathes.

I am grateful for negative thoughts as they remind me, I am not looking to be perfect.


These are just some that I write down daily at night before sleep. This can be done in the morning or when you feel is right for you. If you would like to know more about my journey to this key intentional self-care routine please feel free to comment or reachout to me. Would love to know you are with me! Happy Monday and Have a great week.



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