Who... doesn't  LOVE quotes 

Quotes can be inspirational, thought provoking, meaningful and so much more to us in our day to day lives. Sharing these sayings with you, I hope to provide a sense of meaning and togetherness which in turn may help you with various aspects of life. We’re all experiencing this thing called LIFE, it isn’t always an enjoyable or easy ride. Sometimes, we’ll be simply down and need some help breaking up those negative, hopeless, draining thoughts.

I hope these quotes will remind you, in case you’ve forgotten or lost sight, although we experience life differently, we are on the same team. Here is to making life a bit more comfortable and enjoyable. If you have any helping type quotes to share, you can do so anytime HERE. Thank You!

Wake up with ambition, drive and determination because LIFE is full of new adventures and goals you do not know about yet.


Every experience impacts our lives and shapes who we are and whom we become. Happiness is driven by your feelings and emotions of today, find positivity and forgive the past which in turn a brighter future.

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What aspects are not scary the very first time?

Then, 9 out of 10 times after we do it... we think that was not as bad as we thought.

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