Different ways you can experience Anxiety

The way you experience anxiety is different than your significant other, child, best friend experiences it. To get to know how you specifically experience anxiety can help you cope better with it.

The most prevalent example of anxiety is one that everyone and I mean everyone in this world is trying to manage or cope with, the virus Covid-19. This is something no one could even dream up but it is here so we need to become aware of ourselves. Becoming aware of your experience with anxiety around the virus can create a quicker response to help alleviate the symptoms before they get worse.

I can imagine someone might be having a hard time sleeping because of racing thoughts about the virus and what new news is out, what is the president going to mandate next, am I going to lose my job, how am I going to deal with these children at home for 10 weeks, whether the information is truth, what to believe. Even when you finally fall asleep. you wake up frequently and dream about getting really sick and in the hospital, even dying.

I can imagine someone might see the president hop on the news or a breaking new headline comes up on your phone or television that you physically feel pain, like knots in your stomach. You might not have much of an appetite because the pain you feel in your stomach is very tight, which causes you from feeling those hunger pains, you have to remind yourself to eat before you get lightheaded.

I can imagine someone might have a sense of overall nervousness going on. You might find it hard to concentrate and feeling a constant sense of this is not going to end well uneasiness. You might be losing your train of thought, might feel jumpy or antsy. You might also notice your heart might be beating a big faster and shallowed breathing when you are watching the news or reading the articles.


Recognizing your anxiety then helps you know what is happening when you feel the symptoms coming on. All three of these examples of anxiety are all about the same experience (Covid-19) but as you see everyone has a different symptom or a combination of them.

Once you recognize your reaction (not sleeping, not eating, not paying attention) the sooner you can practice a relaxation technique or walk away to help lift those symptoms.

If you have been feeling what I  have mentioned above or any other symptom here are a couple relaxations applications that I recommend. Headspace, CALM, Sanvello, Insight timer, Pause and The Minfulness App 🙂


Be Smart and Safe All!

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