Did you forget about your sanity?

The weather is starting to shape up and be nicer so more things to do, right?! Well... yes, more often than not, many of us think about all the activities and/or events the warmer weather brings also what we need to get done now that the weather isn’t keeping us inside like (yardwork and spring cleaning to mention just a couple) you are leaving out the most important thing..YOU!!!

Self-care importance

Knowing how busy you are on the daily basis the last most commonly forgotten is you. Don’t let this important aspect put a damper on family and friend fun activities and events.

Here are 24 ways to take care of YOU!

-  Read a book

-  Soak in a tub ( refrain from thinking about what you might need to do later or tomorrow)

-  Take a nap

-  Reconnect with an “old friend”

-  Eat something YOU WANT TO

-  Take a walk on a bike path

-  Have a good emotional cry

-  Breathe, just breathe (use free headspace app)

-  Get to pampering yourself try something new that can be shipped to you (nails, hair, message)

- Listen to oldie’s (growing up) music

- Watch a movie, tv show

- Spring clean with family

- Eat your favorite dessert

- Try sewing

- Yoga

- Take a trip

- Look at old photos - Draw/ Paint / Craft - Dance

- Meal Prep

- Pray

- Sit in the Sun

- Write in a journal

- Listen to a podcast

There are so many things that can be added to this list, it is anything that makes you stop worrying and start enjoying the moment. You deserve to be happy!

Do you have anything you have tried lately that could be something to add to the list? Would love to hear from you.

-Talk soon Annmarie Legge 🙂

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