Change Equals Awareness

“The first step in any type of change is to become aware of your own stuff you are lugging behind you”


Change and Awareness….. ohhh these two words I feel are absolutely, everywhere don’t you?!  When it comes to the aspects life these two are the dynamic duo. Like peanut butter and jelly/fluff, mornings and coffee or better yet buffalo and chicken wings haha. Catch my drift 🙂

Change cannot be without being aware and being aware cannot ever exist without change. The definition of change as a verb is to “make or become different” and awareness is defined by “having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact” I’d like to see someone argue to the fact these are not soul sister words.

When thinking about an example to give working out is the first one that comes to mind because did you know that 76% of human beings have a really hard time with this very thing – staying committed to the workout. First, let us put aside all of the past times that you may not have met your goal. This is becoming aware your own stuff- write down all the “things” that put up that barrier to not keep going- every single one- examples: feeling insecure, family obligations, too many people, too much time away from home… anything that put up that barrier for you specifically.



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Following this step write down why you need this “the gym” why it is important to you? If this sentence or paragraph is strong almost bullet proof strong none of the past barriers will prohibit you from accomplishing the goal in mind =CHANGE!  This statement needs to be from the heart very passionate and that ignites you every time you see it. Example: “I am driven to complete this 7 day challenge because I need to be healthier for myself to be a better person to the people I love the most. I am driven to allow myself to be vulnerable and take time to take myself.” This is much different than I need a “summer body”. What does it mean to you, truly deep down, these are the types of questions and examples you can use for any daily life event or situation.

Remember Awareness of what once did or didn’t workout is important to do something different Change, this time around.

If you have an example you would like more help on, please feel free to comment below!


-Annmarie Legge



Annmarie Legge is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a private practice in Williamsville NY.  Annmarie helps teens and adults take back their lives from anxiety and depression.  She also specializes in helping struggling teens and empowering parents.  You and your loved ones can start feeling better today – Call Annmarie Legge (716) 204-5552 ext.430. 

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