• A Beginner’s Guide to Positive Thoughts

    The definition of an affirmation is as follows: “Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." Wikipedia   This has been something you may have heard of before and wondered what it meant and how you can incorporate them into your life. Affirmations are something that can be easily incorporated into routine or a great way to start a routine which is achievable 5-10minutes daily.   Affirmations are very powerful as they might be things you already belief or aspects of your life that you struggle with but are working on…

  • 4 Step Cycle to Relieve Anxiety in High Schoolers

    Winding down the school year is stressful, don’t you think? Final projects, Regents or AP exams to prepare for, friends going away, finding a job. I can only imagine how you are feeling with only a few more weeks left in the school year. I am going to guess that you are experiencing either one specific feeling or a combination. The feeling that I see generally is Anxious/ Panic. In my last post I gave you some symptoms representing anxiousness that are important to be aware of, check that out if you missed it. Although the feeling of anxiety is generally seen within my practice, I remember how I felt…

  • Are You “Sad” and “Nervous” … or ANXIOUS and DEPRESSED?

    Are You “Sad” and “Nervous” … or ANXIOUS and DEPRESSED? We all experience varying levels of sadness or nervousness throughout our lives. Remember your high school years? Sometimes we are down in the dumps, plain old tired, or feeling uncertain. Life simply seems too much to handle. You think you’re “sad” or “nervous”, but when does it cross over that gray line into Depression or Anxiety?   You may be experiencing Depression when you’ve had a period of two weeks or more in which you’re experiencing several of these symptoms: Problems with sleep Problems with appetite Decreased energy Decreased motivation Crying spells Loss of interest Feeling down Problems with memory…

  • The Sky is Truly the Limit

    How afraid are you to move forward? What is holding you back... fear of failure or fear of success? What would it be like if The Sky was the Limit? Who says it isn't? How often do you often second guess your thoughts and feelings? What are you accomplishing by doing this? What would it be like to have power over those "things"? Who says the Sky is Truly the Limit? Giving up is NOT an option.

  • Is my problem ‘enough’…

    This weeks video I feel is in perfect timing. I talk about stigma of mental health illnesses and how we (society) sometimes can get caught up in how others perceive our struggles.  Comments and questions are always welcomed!

  • Good vs. Bad Therapists

    Good afternoon everyone, todays video is regarding the important decision with what therapist to go with. Many times clients believe the only option is the first therapist that calls them back or the one that only takes their insurance. Before you make the choice please watch, like, comment and subscribe to continue to grow our community.

  • 1st Therapy Session:What to Expect

    The first therapy session can be overwhelming and scary however here I provide you with a breakdown of what to expect 99% of the time. Remember everyone therapist may do things differently, however this may ease your mind about calling today.