Basics of Mental Health

Mental Health

It has been always known that mental health can be a very tricky aspect of anyone's life.

Common Terms

Two terms defined that are important for anyone with a penny and a problem so thats everyone including you 🙂

Mental Health

This term has been around since us humans have been alive so FOREVER AGO! As a society especially here in the United States we have not been great about being open about problems that we face daily. It is like society just wanted to ignore that people and  experiences can be less than perfect. Reality then hit, mental health illness and diagnoses are a very real and touching so many individuals like a Bulldozer every single day. Do you or know someone with a mental health struggle?

Mental health can be so tough to describe for many people so what I have found, many people Still hide it. They push it so far down so they can "forget" yes I putting forget in quotes for a reason- because "forgetting" feelings and thoughts that keep us from get up out of bed is not even possible. It can just leave our immediate response signals in our brain but then comes another aspect called triggers that will bring it right back 2 inches in front of your face so that it cannot be ignored.

It is my hope that writing about mental health and providing education, insights and sometimes an experience I have encountered we can be more aware of our mental health so that we do not push things down and ignore- we can face them head on, with no seatbelt on!


Back to Basics of mental health

Like I stated above mental health has been around for so many years but still it is not something everyone knows. I want to share with you some terms that are very common and you might hear them on a weekly basis now so I just want you to have accurate information to then make the best decisions for yourself or your child or loved one.

Anxiety and Depression are the two most common terms used to describe what someone is feeling. Both are used in everyday conversations like in school with family members and friends.

Anxiety is defined by American Psychiatric Association as a normal reaction to stress and can be beneficial in some situations. It also alert us to dangers and help us prepare and pay attention.

Depression is defined by American Psychiatric  Association as a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

Vulnerability is essential for counseling

Seeing that these two terms are the most common in mental health future posts and blogs will be covering these along with other common mental health topics.


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