5 Uplifting Journal Prompts

Journal writing like get a pen and paper and write, YES 🙂

This might seem much like a before 2020 thing and you are right it was much more popular before social media and getting instant gratification from our friends, family and from the internet world like Google as my mother in law says "our smartest best friend", and she is absolutely right. We can ask Google, Alexa, Siri: what is the weather, add this to my shopping list (all time favorite of mine) and even text my husband and tell him I love him. Easy right, well I and many of my previous and current client have found that using this oldschool method have helped them so wanted to pass along.

Journal Prompts

You many have a journal or two laying around your place with a couple entries done but nothing of great significance. Well I am challenging you to do 1 entry a day with me for 5 days, this will only be as challenging as you make it, I mean come on we have nothing but time, everyone in the world is at home, you arnt missing anything 🙂  I am also going to be sharing mine over on my facebook and instagram pages, follow and share along.

So grab your favorite pen and paper and lets start:

Day 1: The proudest moment of your life, what was it and explain why you picked it.

Day 2: Your favorite, most fun childhood memory, why you picked this specific one.

Day 3: If you could give one "gift" to the whole world, what would it be and why?

Day 4: Explain one time in your life where you felt strong and confident.

Day 5: Who are you grateful for.




Things you will need to complete these 5 days, a place to write freely, a pen, a notebook (does not have to be fancy) and an open mind.

Try this out with me and if you like it and/or have any ideas please comment below.


Journal writing in the morning

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