Providing specialized care to:
Teens with Low Self-Confidence
Coping with Life Transitions
Relationships Lacking in Communication 

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I can help, if you’re having a hard time to manage…

  • Constant worry that overwhelms you in school, work or home
  • Depression, anxiety, or panic that take control over your life
  • Negative thoughts of self that bring you down
  • Unresolved issues, loss, or trauma that keep you from moving forward
  • Fear of the unknown that leaves you with so many unanswered questions
  • Relationships that never seem to be as have seen on TV or movies

 I’ll empower you to…

  • Reclaim your confidence
  • Communicate more effectively and openly without followed days of silence
  • Stop isolating and learn new healthy coping skills
  • Develop positive self-image
  • Stop reacting, and start responding
  • Start taking action for YOU
  • Spend more time living in the right now
  • Become aware and be proud of your accomplishments 
  • Find your happiness and satisfaction with life and relationships

Mind Your Health with Annmarie Legge is here to provide you with the tools specific to your life. Can't think of a better time than NOW.  Contact me TODAY!

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 Do you often find you have a hard time controlling thoughts, emotions and/or actions? Feeling anxious, depressed, confused, mad or hopeless while at home, work or at social events. I can help you, whether you are struggling with your mood or you are dealing with issues associated with your new or ongoing relationship, life transition, infertility/postpartum or daily experiences. During our time together in counseling we will work hard together to decrease your symptoms of anxiety, depression and anything in between.


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